Is Hocus Pocus really all that?

Lilly Spencer , Writer

Hocus Pocus was released July 16, 1993; 28 years later, it is still one of the most popular movies to watch around Halloween. I think the reason for this movie being a big time favorite is because parents grew up watching it, which led to this generation watching and loving it. 

Hocus Pocus is perfect for halloween. In the movie, there are some of the most Halloweenie things going on, like witches, zombies, black cats, and kids trick or treating. I don’t like to watch scary Halloween movies, and would rather watch movies that are actually related to Halloween. So this is the perfect movie because it also has the perfect amount of fiction. 

To me it is crazy that some people have not watched this Hocus pocus. Dillion Downs said, “I have never watched this movie, but I think it would be good.” 

Freshman Kelsie Gepford said, “ This movie is overrated and annoying. The witches are the worst part of the whole movie.” I agree with this, but at the same time I completely disagree. Yes, the witches are a little weird, but they also are quite funny in some parts.

Freshman Kara Miller expressed, “It’s very attention grabbing, but the witches make it ugly.” There never really seems to be a dull moment as there is always something going on. I feel that if the witches were pretty, then the movie would not be the same. 

The witches’ looks match their personality so well. The blonde witch is the pretty one, but she is the dumbbell. The one with black hair is the one who just follows the red head around like she is a lost puppy dog. Finally the redhead is the leader, the one with the brains. She is the wickedest one that has everything planned out. 

Kelsie Gepford also said, “The kids are annoying.” I strongly disagree with this statement. There are two young teens, Alison and Max. Max really likes Alison. Then here is Max’s little sister, and she is quite funny. Then there is Binks, the boy that was turned into a cat. 

One of my favorite partes is the end. When the sun comes up the three witches are turned to dust. Then the kids say goodbye to Bill, the zombie, as he returns to his grave. Binx finally dies, which releases his soul and comes back as a human boy.