Sharks’ Football competes against Standish-Sterling at this season’s last home game


Aaron Bowerman

The two teams struggle over the ball.

Adryana Munoz, Staff Writer

The St. Louis varsity football competed against Standish-Sterling for their last home game of the season and came up short 27-6.

The Sharks were down 0-7 at the end of the first quarter and 0-14 at the end of the first half. Senior Rafael Orta Vasquez said, “The weather conditions had a slight effect on the game. The rain made the field muddy so our running backs couldn’t juke or make moves. Players were slipping all over the place and couldn’t get good footing.”

The Sharks’ only score of the game came in the third quarter when quarterback Reece Giles passed to Michael Baysah for a 20-yard touchdown.

Baysah stated, “We competed with them and didn’t give up on ourselves, but we had some mistakes on the offensive side of the ball that really took a winnable game away from us. We have to clean some of those mistakes up and get ready to beat Breckenridge and go to the playoffs.”

Senior Ignatius Jackson had 16 carries for 81 yards while Baysah had three catches for 34 yards

The team next competes against the Breckenridge Huskies Friday, Oct. 22, for their last game of the season.