Sharks IVD takes trip to Pontiac Motor Bella to kick off school year


Courtesy Photo

Sharks’ IVD poses in front of premier car at Pontiac Motor Bella

Tyson Head, Staff Writer

Saint Louis High School Innovative Vehicle Design went on a trip to the Motor Bella, Sept. 24, at the M1 Concourse in Pontiac, Michigan.

Sharks IVD is known for racing and challenging students with miniature motorized vehicles. To kick off this school year, IVD Teacher Mr. Burleson took IVD students to a car show: not just any car show, but the Pontiac Motor Bella. According to Mr. Burleson, “Motor Bella was the replacement for the North American Auto Show that was cancelled earlier this year due to COVID-19. This was used as the 2021-2022 IVD kick-off event.” 

What a wise choice for a replacement too; second best things don’t get much better than Motor Bella. According to M1 Concourse, “Motor Bella is more than an auto show. It’s a journey, an experience, and a tour through the ever-evolving world of mobility.”

What better replacement could there be for Motor City than a city literally named Pontiac? Students get to enjoy the fast-paced and elegant world of motorized vehicles, as well as personally be passengers within cars they would only dream to be inside. Burleson shared, “We were interviewed by Fox 2 Detroit. Students got the ride in new Ford Broncos, Ford Mach-e, and Jeep Rubicons.” This was truly an exciting event indeed, for students who want to learn and those who wish to demonstrate their cars alike.

IVD Member Dylan Luft shared, “There were cool cars, fast cars, and new cars. We also got to be on Fox 2 News.” What better experience for students of IVD than to personally experience an official national auto show? Burleson closed, “The trip was a success due to the general level of excitement for our SquareOne competitions. I would like to attend this event next year if it occurs.”