Who at SLHS had the cutest homecoming proposal of 2021?


Autumn Mann

Martine Wiggins stands with his homecoming date, Kiersten Wenzlick, while wearing his hoco proposal shirt that reads “Will you tackle homecoming with me?’

Brooklyn Elsea, Writer

It’s homecoming season! What is included with that? Homecoming proposals! St. Louis High School students were excited to show off their creative proposals. A few to be highlighted are:  Kiersten Wenzlick and Martine Wiggins, Nate March and Gracelynne Shattuck, and Ash Conn and Autumn Mann. 

Some proposals kept their moments private, but a few of the cutest public ones were exciting for both the couples and the public watching. These couples have been looking forward to homecoming and hopefully proposals since the announcement of homecoming!

“Nate March asked me to homecoming in the office after second hour with a Marvel-themed sign. I had no idea that he was going to ask me, so I was pleasantly surprised,” senior Gracelynne Shattuck said. “We’re going as friends, so I am hopeful that it will be fun and drama-free. I’m so excited to go to homecoming because I always have a great time, and I think this year’s homecoming is going to be the best one yet.” 

Junior Abigail Conn was asked by Autumn Mann. Conn expressed, “Autumn made a sign that read, ‘Will you be my hot date to Homecoming?’ with flower doodles. She also gifted me a pair of Petoskey stone earrings her aunt made and a purple hot wheels car. She asked me in the morning before school in the cafeteria. I had no idea she was going to ask me! I was very surprised, and I’m so excited to go with her.” Mann said, “Honestly, I’ve been thinking about asking her for a couple of weeks, but I knew no matter what I did, she’d love it anyway. It took me about a couple of days to plan. My friends helped but also didn’t. I came up with the idea, however, they helped make it sound nicer and one friend helped me draw on the sign. I’m very excited to finally have a homecoming this year! I believe it is going to be so fun.”

Junior Kiersten Wenzlick said, “Martine had on a shirt that said ‘Will you tackle homecoming with me?’ Martine and I knew we were going to homecoming together because we’ve talked about it before, but I didn’t know he was going to wear a shirt. I am excited for homecoming.” Martine said, “I have been planning this proposal for two weeks with the help of Mr. Kuhn, who gave me the idea. I’m really excited for homecoming, especially to dance.”