St. Louis High School celebrates Homecoming 2021 with many different festivities!


Autumn Mann

Mr. Bernia announces the winners of capture the flag while in his Ancient Greece costume.

Aaron Bowerman , Writer

The students of St. Louis High School  kicked off their Homecoming festivities Oct. 4-8. 

Monday the students began their week with “Stay in or go out” dress-up day in which the majority of students wore their pajamas and a select few dressed up. Then Tuesday students dressed up for senior citizens versus fake an injury. Later that night was the Volleybuff game. At Volleybuff, guys from each class played volleyball in a tournament-style game. The seniors’ team didn’t lose a single match and only lost one set to the understaffed junior team.  Senior Cole Acker stated, “It was empowering and fun with everyone chanting my name as I had a run of seven aces.” Acker was the most reliable server for the senior team. 

Wednesday was high school stereotype day. A few of the popular stereotypes included nerds and jocks . Continuing on to Thursday, the students had their homecoming week theme day, “A night in Ancient Greece.” On this day, only a few students dressed up, but the students who did really brought their A-game. Many were sporting togas, and a select few dressed up from the movie Grease.

Thursday night was supposed to be powderpuff. However, due to the weather, the powderpuff game was canceled. Dodgeball was proposed to act as a substitute, however, capture the flag ended up being the game the ladies would play. The rules for this game were simple. The first team to capture four bowling pins would win. There were safe zones for each team and a middle ground. The night started off quick with a senior-freshmen win. Not to be outdone, the juniors and sophomores quickly followed up with a win of their own. 

Despite the original rules stating that best out of five would win, a prolonged stalemate in the third game forced officials to revise the rules and have a special tie breaker round with only six players. In this chaos, a free tag was announced which illuminated the free zones and anyone could be tagged. Seizing this opportunity, the senior-freshmen team charged forth into the opposing teams defenses, recovering the last bowling pin needed to win the tiebreaker. This was the fourth time winning a “Powderpuff” event for the senior girls. Freshman Kaya Munoz stated, “At first, I was worried it would be boring because only a few people showed up on our team, but toward the end when it got really intense, it was super fun.” Munoz was one of the six on the tiebreaker team.

Friday was a red and black day. This day is always a relaxing and much-needed stress break for the students. Multiple teams participated in early morning practices so that students could participate in the day’s festivities unhindered, there was a three-hour fog delay. This, combined with the homecoming assembly, caused students to spend time in four 20-minute classes, one 45 minute lunch, and a two-hour assembly. The students thoroughly enjoyed their homecoming festivities this year and are looking forward to next year.