St. Louis High School math teacher, Ms. Everitt was awarded CFX Teacher of Week!


Lilly Spencer

Ms. Everitt poses with her CFX teacher of the week award.

Lilly Spencer , Writer

Ms. Everitt, a math teacher here at St. Louis High School, was awarded the CFX Teacher of the Week Award.

During the interview, Everitt said, “I am very surprised that you came to visit me, I was not an exception at all.” This is crazy to hear, Ms. Everitt. 

Freshman, Genaro Soto said, “She is a great teacher along with being helpful, funny, and having a great personality.” These personality traits are what to look for in a teacher. People like Ms. Everitt are what keeps on making kids enjoy school.

Prior to being a teacher here at St. Louis High School, she was a science teacher in Houghton Lake. Shortly after being a science teacher, she told the principal that she could teach math part-time. She then finished that school year out and became a full-time math teacher.

Ms. Everitt has been a teacher ever since she graduated from college. She shows her commitment to the school by staying at school sometimes until 9 p.m. and by doing much for SLHS, the links program, and the student council.

The main reason that Ms. Everitt loves math and switched career paths so early is that there is more than just one way to explain concepts to students. Students can look at math in many different ways. If Ms. Everitt can’t explain it to them in a way that they understand, then other students can explain it in their own way. 

Ms. Everitt found her passion at SLHS from her former teacher, Mr. Allen. She teaches like him in a way. His class was always fun and when you are interested in something and a teacher makes it fun, kids are more likely to do better.