SLHS has a young entrepreneur in its midst!


Natalee Hoyt’s displays her freshly baked cupcakes for her buyers to see.

Lilly Spencer , Writer

 Sophomore, Natalee Hoyt started her own decorative cupcake business back in 2019 on Facebook.

Hoyt stated, “ When I first started, I was selling like 2-3 dozen cupcakes at most, and now I have done multiple orders of 100 plus.” Being a young entrepreneur is a good way to teach yourself and show other young people about patience and responsibility. A big thing that it teaches you is patience. Hoyt was patient with her business. Because she had to start small. Look at her now, she is up to 100 orders at a time.

Besides patience, Hoyt learned time management. Not only is she a student with a business but also an athlete. She plays three sports for St.Louis High School, Golf, basketball, and track. 

Hoyt thanks to her mom especially, but to her close friends and family for being the one who bought and made her first sails possible. Her mom is the one that takes her to get supplies when she needs them for the cupcakes. 

“She makes them for any occasion and they’re really good and pretty,” said Laci Dietrich, a former student at St.Louis High School. As this student said she makes them for any occasion, she makes them for baby showers, birthday parties, and open houses. She has an Instagram if anyone would like to check out her work @nataleegracesweettreats. 

Sweet treats first started in Dec. 2019. Hoyt’s mom was able to help make this dream come true by posting things on Facebook about Hoyt wanting to make cupcakes for others. At the beginning of her journey now there was never a consistent number of orders. She started with about one order per month.  Now her business has expanded two where she is now for getting orders from people she doesn’t know.

Her biggest challenge is trying to advertise yet still set a number of orders that she can handle. Her favorite part about being a young entrepreneur is that she gets to do what she wants at a young age and is getting paid for it.