Met Gala: Flashy or Trashy

Maria Puga-Trevino, Writer

The 2021 Met Gala was held at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Monday evening. This special fashionista event featured many familiar faces from the pop-culture industry.

Traditionally, every year audiences are entertained by the amusing fashion show this event brings. However, due to COIVID-19, last year’s event was postponed. This year, the Gala was bigger, brighter, and more surprising than ever. With this event revolving around fashion, it is easy to critique and criticize what celebs are wearing. Some are dolled up in head-to-toe bodysuits and others, wearing strappy, flashy, high-end garments.

Mikayla Haag, a junior at St.Louis high school, shares, “I was very pleased with this year’s Met Gala, although a lot of the looks from that night came as a surprise. For starters, Billie Eilish stunned the crowd as she walked the runway in her Cinderella-like dress. I was in shock. This is a very abnormal move for her; Eilish is usually seen wearing baggy and dark clothing. On the other hand, Eilish surprised the world with her Vogue photoshoot in May, and this year’s Met Gala proved she actively continues to pull out tricks from up her sleeve.” 

Is it a bird, a plane, or an expensively clad ninja? Don’t be fooled when Kim Kardashian-West turned heads when she and her supposed ex-partner, Kanye West, rolled out to the crowd in full-fledged bodysuits. They had it all as they wowed Gala onlookers in their sleek, form-fitting jet-black attire. Their bodysuits literally covered them from head to toe as West and Kardashian-West wore bodysuits that covered their faces!

Haag adds in, “Just like everyone else, Kim Kardashian’s jaw-dropping appearance was a surprise for me. Although, I guess I wasn’t completely surprised, after all, the Kardashian’s are known for their flashy fashion and attitude. To be completely honest, I didn’t like Kim’s look. I was really confused as to what it meant. Does it symbolize something? Or is this another unpurposefully bad fashion experience?”