Harry Styles stealing the hearts of SLHS!


Courtesy Photo

Harry Styles poses for his album photo shoot for Fine Line.

Lilly Spencer , Writer

Harry Styles is one of the most famous artists in the United States of 2021; he rose to fame because of the film Dunkirk.

“ It helps to listen to him when I just need to zoom out,” said Esmarelda Zapata. It is amazing that one artist can have such a big impact on kids around the same age as students at St. Louis High School. He has helped kids all over the world in the United States with heartbreaks or to just turn him up to dance to. 

One of his most famous songs was Watermelon Sugar Hi. This song was one of the biggest hits on Tik Tok. Another good one is Sign of the Times. His voice is very soothing.  It is soft enough but still has a manly touch. 

Some people would love to go to a Harry Styles concert, and others say that his concerts are absolutely life-changing. People can listen to him on the phone or radio and imagine what it would feel like to see him in person. 

Not only is his voice lovely, but his physical appearance is very charming. Zoey Clarek said, “I just love his eyes.” Her other favorite thing about him is his voice. Most people like Clarke, like Styles best out of the original five from the band One Direction. This is what also gave Styles a better chance at success on his own. 

Harry Style got big in 2017 after the band broke up. He was also the only one to really go anywhere after the break up as the rest of One Direction only had two songs on the charts. Meanwhile, Styles was leading with nine songs.