Forget about a pony tail holder, the new thing is now the claw clips!



SLHS student places a claw clip in her hair in order to get it out of her face.

Maria Puga-Trevino, Writer

Picture this, you are a person with long hair about to go for a run. However, it is very windy outside; subsequently, you make the solution to tie your hair back. Suddenly it hits you, you remember that tying your hair back with an elastic rubber band can damage your hair. As a solution, you turn to a much safer alternative, the claw clip.

For starters, a claw clip is a mechanism that has two finger-like prongs that come together to hold your hair. Interestingly enough, one of the first decorative combs (claw clip) to be traced by archaeologists was as far back as 5500 B.C.! In ancient China combs were worn as hair accessories that reflected one’s social status. Since then, these combs have evolved into more advanced tools for hair care. 

For functional uses, these accessories are used for many different things. To be specific, modern-day claw clips are used as a decorative way to style one’s hair back. Traditional clips are often used for coloring and sectioning hair and braiding. 

Personally, I find these clips very helpful! For a person who is always out, and busy doing things, they are very helpful tools to use. I have started quite the collection of these clips and have about 22 of them in total ranging from black to ones with flower decals on them!

Jenna Abell, a junior at St. Louis shares, “I started to use claw clips about a few months ago. They are very fun to use and make it easier on me in the mornings when I’m in a rush. In all, I have about four clips so far! Compared to other tools, these are so much easier to use. Plus, there are a variety of different ways to style them!”