St. Louis Boys’ and Girls’ cross country dominates their Delta Two-Mile!


Courtesy Photo

Boys’ and Girls’ cross team pose for well earned victory photo!

Aaron Bowerman, Writer

The St. Louis cross country teams dominated the Delta Two-mile Invitational Saturday Sept. 25, 2021.

The Delta Two was the Sharks’ shortest race of the season. Dylan Marr had some choice words for the five-kilometer and greatly enjoys the two-mile and states, “It was nice to run two miles for a change instead of the 5k.” This race took place during the near-perfect conditions for distance running a two-mile. The temperature was 54 degrees for the first race and eventually warmed up to a casual 64 by the last race. Head Coach Jay Puffpaff stated, “It was a great day to preview the regional course. The teams had great mindsets on the day, and the results showcased the improvements being made.”

The girls took third overall for the meet and won their divisional race. The guys’ team won the meet overall and their division race. In addition to this, varsity runners Libby Munderloh and Mikenna Borie took first and second in their division-winning champ and runner-up trophies. Craig Bebow had an exceptional race as well, winning the JV guys’ race. Bebow described the race as, “The course was super muddy, but hopes were high. I’m glad my body cooperated and allowed me to win the race ”

Top five for the girls’ team included Libby Munderloh with a time of 11:59, Mikenna Borie with a time of 12:18, Jaiden Dickman with a time of 12:36, Sela Delgado finished with a time of 13:19, and Monika Borie finished out the girls’ team with a time of 13:54. The guys’ team had Nate March lead the pack with a time of 10:28, Aaron Bowerman finished with a time of 10:30, Ben March had a time of 10:32, Dylan Marr had a time of 10:54, and fifth for the Sharks was Thomas Zacharko who finished with a time of 10:55. 

The Sharks were excited, leaving the course with lots of hardware and ready for the TVC 2 in Standish. There the Sharks hope to solidify their claim to conference champs.