SLHS Students spike new interest in 7/11’s classic suckers


Autumn Mann

Student enjoys their Blue Raspberry sucker that they brought at from 7-11

Jason Pierce, Writer

Here at St. Louis High School, suckers from the 7/11 on Washington Ave. have become a more common occurrence. Though these are not new, they have had a spike in popularity for reasons such as students wanting to have something to chew on when they’re not eating a meal. There are a variety of flavors from strawberry to sour apple, all of which people have different tastes, some good and some not so good.

I had the privilege of taste-testing a couple of these suckers to inform others on how they taste, at least to me. First up was the Strawberry Cream, this was an alright one to nibble on. The strawberry flavor was strong at first, however it quickly became bland and tasteless, but it wasn’t bad. I recommend this flavor to those who are trying these suckers for the first time. 

Junior Student Maria Puga-Trevino commented, “I liked the blue raspberry flavor, it was nice and it tasted good.” 

The next one up was sour apple and it definitely lives up to its name. It has the taste of a traditional sour apple candy. This was a good one, in my opinion, I highly recommend this one to anyone who likes typical and basic candies. Regardless of the opinions of these suckers, you should most definitely try one for yourself at the 7/11, on Washington Avenue.