Is the Iphone 13 worth it?


Courtesy Photo

Apple promting photo of the Iphone 13.

Lilly Spencer, Writer

Apple will be dropping the new Iphone 13 Sept. 17, Friday at 5 p.m. People can purchase the new Iphone at any phone store as this Iphone will be the best upgrade ever.

“I feel like the Iphone 13 will be the best upgrade Apple has made,” said Kelsey Gepford. A lot of Iphone lovers are excited for the new relic. The Iphone 13 will come in the following colors: midnight, blue, pink, starlight, and product red variants. Kara Miller added, “I think the color will be a hot seller.” Unlike most Iphone users, Dillon Downs stated very clearly, “I think that the Iphone 13 is ridiculous. Why pay so much for something that will do the same as an 

Iphone 11?”

Iphone 13 would not exist if the Iphone 12 pro max would have not been Apple’s best seller. Iphone 13 will cost about $999. People can purchase this item at AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, and obviously any Apple product store.

It has been heard that the Iphone is supposed to have the best qualities and features. One of the best qualities is the camera. Not only that, but the cinematic effect is the new mode on the Iphone. Apple states, “The camera will be durable enough to film in crazy conditions. The new microchip will help by making downloads way faster. The new beonix is not only the new smartphone chip but the world’s fastest working microchip.”

Esmeralda Zapata said, “one thing I hate about my Iphone is how fast it dies” . Well then it’s good news that this one comes with a long lasting battery. Even though the designs of the 12 and 13 are very close, the 12 is 1.7mm, and the 13 is 2.51mm thick and that is not including the 3.65mm camera bump. With this being said, it means the Iphone 12’s cases will not fit the Iphone 13. Unlike most phones this one will be built with a more durable ceramic screen.