SLHS welcomes new math teacher, Ms. Schutt!


Maria Puga-Trevino

Ms. Schutt starts the day off strong.

Jason Pierce, Staff Writer

With a new year, comes new faces, one of which is the new algebra and geometry teacher. After returning to school during the times of Covid-19, students got the opportunity to meet Ms. Schutt, who is one of  a few new teachers at St. Louis High School. 

Before teaching, Ms. Schutt said, “I was a hairdresser for 12 years, a CNA for 3 years, and a housekeeper for six years,” Ms. Schutt mentioned. 

Students may also be able to relate to and understand Ms. Schutt, as she said, ”I am a proud nerd.” She also stated, “I love all things Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, and Marvel.” Besides these relatable traits, “I like to play videogames, Magic the Gathering, Chess, and other card games,” she said. With Ms. Schutt being new to the school, she has already made a positive impact on students and staff, with many saying she is one of their favorite teachers. As student Landen DeLong said, “She is a nice teacher.”

Ms. Schutt is also a bit of a musician too, as she mentioned, “I play the guitar and the piano and am not a bad vocalist. I listen to mostly 80’s hairband music and rock music.” From what students can tell, she is very excited to be here and everyone welcomes her to the group of impactful teachers.