Girls’ Golf participates at Hidden Oaks



Sophmore Josie Schrot swings for the green

Aaron Bowerman, Staff Writer

The Saint Louis Girls’ Golf Team participated in a golf outing placing seventh Sept. 13, 2021, at Hidden Oaks.

The ladies did well in their unusual golf outing. Coach Andrea Biehl stated, “Experience playing in the rain is beneficial because you never know what the weather will be like…”  As the girls played through the day, their outing was cut short. This was due to the unfortunate happening of a thunderstorm during the invitational. Freshman Michael Mitchell said, “I didn’t even know there was a girls’ golf outing monday. Those girls must have been tough. I didn’t even take out the trash.”

The ladies played through the difficult competition and weather whilst beating rival team, the Ithaca Yellow Jackets, and taking seventh overall. Sophomore Rachel Jewell, stated, “I had gotten to the green of the eighth hole when the coaches came out and told us we had to come back to the club house. It was hard to quit when we wanted so much to do our best.”

Leading the team with a score of +21 was sophomore Josie Schrot; next up for the Sharks was senior Abigail Francisco with a score of+23, sophomore Natalie Hoyt was third for the team with a score of +23, junior Danielle Thelen had a score of +29 as the fourth and final team scorer.

Despite the girls placing seventh, Coach Biehl said she was proud of how the girls performed for the day.  This was due to the amount of high competition. The girls competed against some tough large schools such as Chippewa Hills, Freeland, and Frankenmuth.  The lady Sharks will be golfing again Wednesday Sept. 15, 2021.