SLHS welcomes their new staff Mr. Bates!


Maria Puga-Trevino

Mr. Bates helps out a couple of his students on their element review.

Brooklyn Elsea, Writer

Over the past year or two, many social areas have been either crashing, or having problems. The biggest problem for St. Louis High School currently, was Covid-19. Now another subject is swarming schools, teacher shortages. There have already been many new faces on the first day of school for 2021-2022, both staff members and students alike. As difficult as it might have been to try and settle new teachers in on such short notice, the district is thankful for those who stepped in.

One of the new teachers is Mr. Bates, the chemistry and physical science teacher. Mr. Bates went to school at Fulton, then studied at Michigan Tech before studying at Central Michigan. Mr. Bates teaches chemistry, honors chemistry, and physical science. “I’m excited to teach here, since it’s close to home. It’s also cool to see how the St. Louis community works,” he said. 

Mr. Bates’ lab aid is senior Zachariah Starry this year. He helps out around the classes and makes sure people get the help they need. This is his first year being a lab aid. “I am looking forward to helping out with labs and learning in a class I loved so much,” he said. “I am very excited to be helping Mr. Bates since he is such a cool teacher and a fun guy to be around.” A lot of people have already enjoyed Mr. Bates within the first week of school. “As for hobbies, I enjoy hiking and exploring new places, snowboarding, painting, and riding my dirt bike!” Mr. Bates said about his favorite hobbies he likes to do.

According to students, Mr. Bates seems like a great, supporting teacher. A teacher the school definitely needs after last year’s problems and loss’ from many things. Many people are excited to be working with Mr. Bates this year, and will be excited to see what will happen down the line of the school year.