SLHS Students react to the return of all in-school learning


Maria Puga-Trevino

Students reflect on return to school outside of SLHS building.

Jason Pierce, Staff Writer

We are already through the first week of our school year, and many students have returned from being virtual for a great period of time, myself included. Some students have been virtual ever since the beginning of the Coronavirus back in February of the year 2020, and returning to in person learning is different. 

It has been almost two years since the outbreak of Corona and when it began to come to our beloved town, many students had to quarantine at their homes for a variety of reasons such as being high risk or sick. As a returning virtual student, Michael Hart stated, “It sucked because you’d have teachers give you work late, and having problems with Wifi made it worse.” Being a virtual student was a miserable thing to go through, as we virtual students had to put more work in to make sure everything was done properly and effectively, which made it harder to be a virtual student than being an in person student.

Being back here at SLHS feels like an act of mercy. Here at the school it is easier to ask for help from teachers and friends about our education. Speaking of friends, some virtual students have had little interaction with their friends since the start of quarantine. Another SLHS virtual student, Sarah Corson, commented, “It was boring without getting to see my friends everyday.” But as we all are here learning, things have changed, maybe for the better, in terms of getting through school life.