SLHS Welcomes Mr. Charles Bunce


Autumn Mann

Mr. Bunce teaches forensic science.

Tyson Head, Editor

The SLHS staff has undergone many changes during the beginning of the 2021-2022 school year, most of all being the addition of an almost completely new science department. Mr. Charles Bunce, the Biology teacher, is one of these new additions. 

Mr. Bunce frequented as a substitute teacher last year and is now happy to join the permanent staff. According to Bunce, “I’m actually an alum of Saint Louis High School, class of 2006. The same room I teach biology in was where I first learned biology from Mr. Allen at the time.” Who better to teach at St. Louis than a former student of the same school?

Bunce got his bachelors’ degree from Alma College in 2010, before getting his masters with specialty in neuroscience at Central Michigan University in 2012. Bunce shared, “Afterwards, I went down to Ohio University to start my PhD program, but after two years I fell out of the program after making some life changes. At that point, I knew I liked to teach and after a year or two of doing substitute teaching signed up for the teaching program at Central Michigan University, graduating from there in early 2019 and getting my teaching license the same year.”

Bunce continued, “Saint Louis has always been my home save for the time I was in Ohio. The town and community are good at drawing me back to it!” Bunce himself and students are excited for this year. Grant Bebow shared, “Bunce is a very good teacher and nice person. I hope he stays here for a long time.” Students are certainly excited for this change up and Bunce is as well. 

The staff shakeup may or may not work out as well as planned this year, but the students and staff certainly have hope for it. Bunce closed, “St. Louis is my home and I want to try my best at the school I once called home for four years. It’s a learning experience being a first year teacher, but with the help of the staff and students I’ll try my best to make this first year a good one!”