Luke Maxwell signs for Northland College to continue his passion of baseball


Mr. Kuhn

Luke Maxwell signed for Northland College with his father by his side.

Curtis Brashaw, Editor

Luke Maxwell has worked tirelessly throughout his entire St. Louis High School career. He has continuously dedicated himself to his academics and to several of his passions — one of those being baseball. 

Maxwell’s hard work finally paid off, as of Monday, May 24, 2021, at 3:25 P.M. At this time, Maxwell signed to play baseball for Northland College located in Ashland, Wisconsin. He described the signing as “exciting.” He continued, “I really enjoyed signing and loved that the people who support me were there to experience it with me. I truly love baseball and the memories I’ve made with my friends.” 

On the topic of memories, Logan Koutz, a senior on the varsity baseball team, shared his excitement for Maxwell. He said, “I am honored to be the one who showed him this sport and have been able to be teammates and friends with him.  I am super proud of him for going to the next level and know he will be a great addition to their team.” Koutz has fond memories of his teammate. He said, “My favorite memory with Luke is when he hit his first home run in little league at Breckenridge. It was amazing.”

Luke Maxwell’s father, the woodshop teacher at St. Louis High School, described the signing as “bittersweet.” He said, “I’m very proud of my son’s accomplishments. To watch your kids work hard for 13 years and to see that hard work paying off in terms of success is incredibly fulfilling. When you invest all that time and energy as a parent, and then you let them go, it is bittersweet. This is a very emotional time to be a parent.” Mr. Maxwell puts in his last word of advice, “Hard work pays off. Academically and Athletically.”