The first assembly of the year hosted by student council


Aidan Fisher

St. Louis students played “human pinata” at the assembly.

Curtis Brashaw, Editor

Assemblies are a huge part of school spirit, but during Covid season they have been scarce. Unlike last year, the St. Louis High School’s student council held their annual “Moving Up” assembly, Thursday, May 13, 2021, at the football field. The assembly was a hit with many students calling it “exciting” and a “change of pace” from the repetitive normal school days. 

The “Moving Up” assembly had a variety of things to participate in. This year there were sibling games, human pinatas, obstacle courses, tug of war, and more for students to participate in. There were also several speeches by the seniors and teachers in the assembly. The purpose of the assembly was to say “goodbye” to the graduating class of 2021 and say “hello” to the incoming freshmen class, also known as the graduating class of 2025. While the assembly focused on those two classes, anyone in any class was able to have fun and enjoy “moving up” to their next grade level. 

Ms. Everitt, the student council advisor, oversaw and helped put together the entire assembly including the events. She was very happy that student council was able to host an assembly this year. She shared, “Covid has postponed all of our plans for this year, and ultimately led to each plan being canceled except for the ‘Moving Up’ Assembly. This year’s assembly was different because we had to upscale everything so everyone across the football field could see it. Normally, the assembly is inside the gymnasium, but because of covid it was outside. I think the assembly, overall, went well and I’ve heard that students enjoyed it. I can’t wait for us to plan next year’s assemblies; hopefully, everything will be closer to normal and we can have more fun.”

During the assembly, many seniors and teachers gave advice to the incoming freshmen as well as the other classes. One of those speakers was Mikaila Borie. She was excited to be chosen to give advice and wanted to leave an impression on the upcoming classes. She revealed, “Speaking in front of people is always nerve-racking, but it was fun! It did bring me back to older students giving me advice as I still remember some of the advice they gave back when I was an eighth-grader! It was surreal because it was a moment that really showed me how close to done the seniors really are and how we were once in the position that the eighth graders are in. I never would’ve thought I would be giving advice, but it was a fun experience, and I hope even one person uses my advice throughout their high school career.” 

Borie continued with her final piece of advice for the upcoming classes, “do the things that you want to do, with or without your friends. Branch out and join all the clubs and sports teams you want to join. You can make so many friends that way and you’ll never know if you might love something if you never try. I did this with cross country, and it was the best decision I may have ever made.”