Woodshop gives back to the community

Tyson Head, Editor

Nothing quite cements the feeling of a real community such as citizens helping each other. That’s exactly what happened when Woodshop teacher Mr. Maxwell tasked his class with providing a project that will benefit the community.

The students in Woodshop were not short on ideas in the slightest. According to Mr. Maxwell, “We are building wooden baseball bats, an aquarium for a shark model that was created by an artist, and we are still building three drawer cabinets for Schnepp’s Senior Care and Rehab Center.” The class most definitely decided on projects that will benefit the community.

Senior Blake Siefka made a rack for baseball equipment for use at the home dugout. According to Siefka, “I initially had trouble when I cut some boards the wrong length.” Siefka continued, “I really enjoyed the experience and working with Cade Pestrue and Andrew Taipalus.” Siefka was also the student responsible for the origin of the project, designing the initial proposal for Mr. Maxwell.

Fellow senior Cade Pestrue, another participant in the project, shared, “I was involved in the making of the bat and helmet storage and also the creation of the baseball bats in the woodshop. I had a few problems with the CNC but nothing major. It just slowed down the time to get it done. I did the bats especially because they were my idea.” Pestrue continued, “my next woodshop challenge is going to be a 3D fish.”

Woodshop, in concept, appeals to the great deal of students, and as humans, our entire existence is built upon creating and helping each other. That is exactly what Woodshop is all about. According to Grant Bebow, “My favorite part of the class is being able to build helpful things for everyone in the town and helping out in general.” Woodshop has remained a student favorite, based on its freedom in concept, as well as the feeling of actually creating something for someone else.