Sophomore Sarah Corson hits 1 million views on her book


Sarah Corson

Sophomore Sarah Corson reviewing her story.

Brooklyn Elsea, Staff Writer

Back in October, St. Louis High School sophomore Sarah Corson gained 300,000 views on her Wattpad book Mr. Devil. As of May 2021, she has hit over a million views and is #4 in anxiety, #5 in cold, #2 in possessive, #11 in devil, #7 in gang leader and #3 in mafia boss.

Wattpad is a famous application for teens and adults to read and write their own works and have opportunities to take their chance with their talents. The app was released in 2006 founded by Ivan Yuan and Allen Lau. The app has about 90 million users. Sarah Corson first joined Wattpad in 2018 reading fanfiction and short stories about her favorite bands. 

“Not once did I ever think that I would get this far,” said Corson. “One thing that I’m grateful for in this journey is that I have met so many nice people who genuinely enjoy how I write. They all make me really happy. For this book, a hard copy will probably not happen, but another book would be cool. If they gave me the chance for paying opportunities, I would take it. This book has been finished for quite a while. The people who read my book quite liked it so I made a sequel called Playing with the Devil; I have turned this book sort of into a series by taking a character from the sequel and giving them their own book.” Corson explained that the series goes in the order of Mr. Devil, Playing with the Devil, then the spin-off being Saving Aurora. 

Mr. Devil is about a man named Jacob Sinclair who is feared by everyone and everything that comes into his path. A shy innocent girl named Charlotte Mack hides from everyone and enjoys the company of food over anything else. When the two meet, their lives are changed forever. They are polar opposites, but everyone knows the saying “opposites do attract.” Corson was inspired by many things for this book, including other books and writing what she enjoyed reading. Not only has she reached the hearts of others around the world, but Corson has her friends supporting her as well. “I think it’s crazy how she did what she likes to do; make a book and have it blow up in popularity. The book is also almost up to 2 million views which is even crazier. I think it’s a great book personally and Sarah did an excellent job on it. So I think she should keep it up and make more books,” said sophomore Dylan Luft.