Varsity boys’ golf places 5th at Shark Classic!


Bobbie Marr

Senior Jake Dice tees off at the annual Shark Classic.

Tyson Head, Staff Writer

The Saint Louis Boys Golf team participated in the Shark Classic golf tournament at their home, Hidden Oaks course in St. Louis. The Sharks went down the middle of the road, placing fifth out of the 12 teams present, which were Ithaca, Swan Valley, Freeland, Millington, Hemlock, Central Montcalm, Birch Run, Frankenmuth, Breckenridge, Chesaning, and Ovid Elsie.

According to Coach Biehl, “Spencer Sherwood shot an 84, which was quite good for playing in the rain. Jake Dice also shot a 93, which is a great score.” Biehl continued, “I was a little disappointed that they didn’t score better at their home course, but other than Spencer and Jake, the team is made up of rather inexperienced golfers, who are going to improve as their careers progress.”

John Mitchell shared, “We didn’t do very well because the weather was horrible. It was also the beginning of the week so many people were off their game and not at their best.” Indeed, the Sharks had many odds stacked against their favor, yet still proceeded to move forward in their efforts.

The team did quite well at the tournament considering the larger schools they competed against. Also, not every sport is exactly easy considering the unfavorable weather conditions not to mention the Covid-19 precautions necessary to play sports these days. Besides, the season is still young. Mitchell continued, “I think we have a chance to win (the next one), and maybe if there’s no rain we won’t mess up again.” Perhaps a new dawn awaits the team beyond the next few opportunities to show what they can do.

The next invite will be held Wednesday, May 12, at the St. Louis home course.

The boys really seem to be steadily coming out of their shell as considerable competitors in the golf scene and are in second place in the conference as it currently stands.