Track defeats rival Ithaca at home


Courtesy Photo

Keegan Honig placed first in the 800-meter race.

Curtis Brashaw, Staff Writer

Both the girls’ and boys’ track teams beat St. Louis High School’s rival, Ithaca, Wednesday, April 28. The girls were victorious with a score of 96-41 and improved to 6-0 in dual competitions this season. The boys had a final score of 92-44.  Both teams remain undefeated in the TVC 10.

Chloe O’Boyle won the 100-meter dash. Libby Munderloh won the 200-meter dash and the 400m dash. Maude Zolue won the 100m hurdles. Lillie Shattuck and Payton Kuhn also hit their personal record on that event. Monika Borie won the 300m hurdles with her personal record (PR) of 53.39 seconds. She also PR’d in high jump at 4 foot eight inches, just two inches shy of first place. St. Louis girls also came in first for the following relay events; Natalee Hoyt, Adry Munoz, Mikaila Borie, and Chloe O’Boyle beat Ithaca in the 4×100 relay and 4×200 relay; Monika Borie, Mikenna Borie, Jaiden Dickman, and Libby Munderloh took first for the 4×400 relay as well. The most noteworthy relay was the 4×800; Mikaila Borie, Dickman, Mikenna Borie, and Munderloh came in first with an impressive time of 9:49.74. B.J. Tomanek, the girls’ coach, shared, “[They] just missed the school record by a half-second, and this places them currently as the fastest time in the state in Division 3.”  Another noteworthy victory for the girls’ events that night was shot put where Korah Honig came in first and Brook Campbell came in second. 

Ignatius Jackson placed first in the 100m and 200m dash. Andrew Taipalus won the 400m dash. Keegan Honig took first place in the 800m dash. Ben Dousauh took first in the 110m Hurdles. Additionally, Caleb Noak took first in the 300m Hurdles with his PR of 50.22 seconds. The boys also dominated in the relays winning two of three. Gavin Wenzlick, Taipulus, Joshua Dew, and Jackson were victorious in the 4×200 relays. Jackson, Craig Bebow, Dylan Marr, and Taipalus also won the 4×400 relays. Dousauh threw first for shot put and discus with a PR of 109-09. 

Jenna Abell was very excited when they beat Ithaca. She said, “I am very happy we beat Ithaca, our all-time rivals. We weren’t sure how it would turn out at first, but we are happy with the results.” 

A runner on the boys’ track team, Aaron Bowerman, shared, “We knew we would beat them. I thought the atmosphere of the meet would be clashing, but it was warm and fun … everyone was family at the meet.