SLHS has new waffles on their menu!


Curtis Brashaw

Junior Korah Honig enjoys the Belgium waffles on the lunch menu.

Curtis Brashaw, Staff Writer

The St Louis High School cafeteria unveiled their newest item, Belgium Waffles, April 26, and several students believe that they are the best waffles they have ever had. This is a big change considering some of the other menu items have been called “different.” The waffles were accompanied by scrambled eggs and baked sliced apples. The eggs were also called “unusually good” by Lauren Gager.

What are Belgium waffles? Belgium waffles are a variety of waffles defined by lighter batter and larger squares. Belgium waffles were introduced in North America by a Belgian called Walter Cleyman after using the common recipe in Belgium. Korah Honig’s initial reaction was, “Wow, these waffles are very good.” Honig normally prefers pancakes, or her homemade crepes, but these were the exception. She added, “I wish they made them more often.”

Other St. Louis Students enjoyed the waffles too. Gager, an avid participant in bringing her own lunch, shared, “I really like these waffles. Other waffles tend to be too sweet, but these were my favorite. I’m glad I tried them.” Another student who found the waffles to be superb was Kayla Vine. Her comment she shared was short and simple unlike her love for the waffles. She shared, “They were the best waffles I have ever had.”

While almost every student enjoyed the waffles, a handful had differing opinions. Rowan Harris stated, “They [the waffles] are a bit too sweet for me, but I will still eat them.” Some students are just waffle purists.