Where are these babies coming from?


Maria Puga-Trevino

These little babies have been found throughout the school this week.

Maria Puga-Trevino, Staff Writer

Recently, there have been some new kids on the block spotted at St. Louis High School! In fact, there has been a widespread of tiny babies appearing around the school! This mysterious occurrence started Monday morning when a few students found them and started spreading the word. No one knows how they arrived here, or who the culprit of this mysterious act is. 

Korah Honig, a junior, and fellow student filled with wonder of the tiny baby mystery, shares, “I have no clue who or what is behind the baby incident of 2021, but I think it is genius! I don’t find it very distracting. After all, this year we haven’t done any fun or extra things that made people look forward to. Personally, I found a lot of them, but I only grabbed one baby and I love him!” 

Demetrius Alspaugh, a junior, expresses his opinion, “I personally think this was out of comedy. It was a funny thing to look for and to rehide them [without] any ill intentions. I have found about 20 tiny babies, but only 10 at a time. I don’t know who it is exactly, but it had to be someone attending a zero hour, or maybe even a teacher! Personally, I think it’s a student; a teacher would be too busy to do this act.” 

Alex Hardy, a sophomore, explains, “I honestly have no clue on how this all happened. One day I started seeing babies everywhere. I haven’t caught anyone in the act, but I am curious about who it is. I have been finding them everywhere! I have found them in classrooms, the lunchroom, and even in the gym! Honestly, I don’t find this distracting. I find it funny, and I think other people do as well.”

Mckenzie Smith, a freshman, shares her opinion, “I think someone might have found this idea on Tiktok and wanted to test it out. I’m not sure who it is. Everyone is finding them and keeping them and it’s hard to narrow down who is planting them. I don’t think this is distracting because it is a fun thing to look forward to and to do around the school. I have found 17 of them so far! It makes me wonder how many hundreds of these tiny babies are floating around.”

It looks like this mystery has yet to be resolved. This act could rebirth a new tradition at St. Louis. No one is for sure on who or what is bringing this crowd of tiny babies in! When the students find out, surely more and more students may have some tiny tricks up their sleeves!