Boys’ track dominates at Bullock Creek for TVC matchup


Courtesy Photo

From left to right: Ben March, Joe Erickson, and Keegan Honig compete in the 3200-meter race.

Tyson Head, Staff Writer

The Saint Louis High School boys track team performed at Bullock Creek, against the hosts, Valley Lutheran, and St. Charles, April 21, 2021.

The track team did exceptionally well, basically outdoing all other teams present at the event. According to Cole Lombard, “I do sprinting and long jumping, and did quite well at sprinting, given the competition. We really pulled it all together as a team and followed through.”

St. Louis did, in fact, do extremely well for such a small town against much larger opponents. St. Louis collectively defeated St. Charles (103-21), Bullock Creek (79-48), and finally Valley Lutheran (82-46).

According to Coach Puffpaff, “[It was] another hard-fought team effort in cold conditions. Our throwers group really stepped up and solidified the win with some big throws to help take a few of the extra points needed.” Coach Puffpaff continued, “I was pleased with the way we handled the difficult conditions and how the athletes continue to compete and close meets out.” 

The Sharks have clearly shown determination in their efforts, being the short time the track season has had so far, but the results speak for themselves. Lombard shared, “I definitely think we’ll do even better as the season progresses. The team really showed everyone what we can do.”  One can only eagerly wait for the time to come when the Sharks will show the rest of the state what they are capable of.

The Sharks clearly set a great president for the rest of the track season yet to come. It seems nearly certain the Sharks will finish out the school year with victory over their adversaries.