Class of 2021 Top Ten revealed


Curtis Brashaw

The Top Ten are recognized for their achievements.

Curtis Brashaw, Staff Writer

Every year St. Louis High School reveals the top ten students for the graduating class. This year they revealed it Monday, April 19, 2021. The order is chosen by calculating the student’s GPA combining with their SAT score —  the higher, the better. The order from valedictorian to 10th is as follows: Keegan Honig, Dilynn Everitt, Mikaila Borie, Chloe Baxter, Aubrey Smith, Matthew Haag, Logan Koutz, Luke Maxwell, Alexandra Pawlitz, and Jennifer Brown. 

Keegan Honig, the St. Louis valedictorian for 2021, is thankful. He shared, “I know I’ve worked really hard to end up where I did, but I’m just thankful. I’ve had some amazing teachers who pushed me academically. I learned a lot here at SLHS that I will take with me as I move on to college and the rest of my life.” Honig also stated, “I plan on running cross country and track for Cornerstone University and studying secondary education. My plan right now is to potentially become a high school English or history teacher and a coach.”  Honig’s first reaction after finding out that he was valedictorian was “relieved.” He said, “It’s a good feeling to know that I’m done and that I did what I could to end up where I did.”

The salutatorian, Dilynn Everritt, is optimistic about being named salutatorian. Everritt stated, “ I have worked extremely hard in my education and am proud to be where I am. I plan on attending the University of Michigan to study pre-medicine.” She also admitted, “I was happy but also a little disappointed, which I know I shouldn’t be. I’m still proud of the position and although a little sad I’m not valedictorian, [but] I’m happy that I’m next in line.”

Third in line is Mikaila Borie. Borie feels that “the top two deserve their spot.” She said, “I think that my spot reflects the hard work I’ve put in throughout my high school career … I’m happy with top three … I was excited when I found out I was third. I knew about where I would end up, so I wasn’t shocked but that doesn’t make me any less happy about being on the list.” Borie added, “I plan on going to Central Michigan University to study business and accounting.”

Moving onward, Chloe Baxter is the fourth for the top ten graduating class. Baxter shared, “For me, being in the top ten was a goal I had when I first came to the high school. When I saw I made the list, I was most definitely relieved. In 10th grade I lost my 4.0, which was a huge disappointment for me, so I was determined to make sure I stayed on the list. Because of that, when I got called down to the office and was told I got fourth I was the happiest I had been all week.”  She also admits, “ … I don’t believe your placing reflects how hard you have worked through school. Sure, there were times when I struggled with grades, but some things came naturally to me. I’m sure there are many people who were lower that worked much harder than I had to, and I really respect them for that. As for after high school, I plan on attending Michigan State University majoring in Pre Veterinary Medicine and eventually studying abroad.”

Aubrey Smith said, “I definitely feel that the position I have in the top ten reflects how hard I have worked during my high school career. My goal has always been to be in the top ten, and I have achieved that goal!” She added, “After I graduate, I plan on getting a job at an accounting firm in Alma. After working for a year, I will plan on attending a college to achieve my degree in accounting. After I receive my degree, I plan on becoming a certified public accountant.”

Continuing numerically, Matthew Haag, the sixth out of the top ten, shared, “I think a position in the top ten reflects on a fair amount of luck and class choice. I plan on going to Michigan Tech for geology after high school. I was really relieved when I found out I made the top ten.”

Logan Koutz had a more humble look upon the top ten. He stated, “I personally don’t think I worked that hard, and many other kids work just as hard if not harder than me, and I don’t think it’s a true reflection on my intelligence. I think smarts are more than just a GPA and a test; there is so much more to people. I am grateful though that I got this honor. I am going to be attending Ferris [State University] this fall and studying architecture technology. When [Mr.] Huff told me I got top 10 my only words were ‘danget’ [dang it]; I actually wanted to get 11th place.”

Up next is Luke Maxwell. He came in eighth for the graduating class of 2021. He shared, “I don’t think that my position totally reflects my effort because of the fact that I feel like there are others who have worked really hard and just don’t end up getting the grades that I ended up getting. After high school, I am planning to attend Northland College to pursue a degree in Fisheries and Wildlife Ecology.” He continued with, “When I found out that I was in the top ten, it was pretty cool. To be considered with many of the smart kids in our grade was nice.”

Continuing further is Alexandra Pawlitz. Pawlitz stated, “I think my position in the top ten reflects somewhat how hard I’ve worked in high school. The GPA portion reflects how much effort I put into my classes, but the SAT portion doesn’t. I don’t think a standardized test has any showing of how hard you worked in high school … It felt really good to know I was on the top ten list. I’ve always known I wanted to be on that list but that’s not what mattered most to me. I was relieved in a way, but I was also very happy to know that my hard work paid off.” Pawlitz shared, “I plan on attending Ferris State University for seven years to achieve my doctorate degree in pharmacy. Even being ninth in my class, I still am happy about my place, and I look forward to what life brings me in college”

Jennifer Brown, the final senior on the top ten list, said, “During my years of high school I never really went above and beyond in my work. I just paid close attention to detail so my work was quality. After high school, I plan on pursuing a career in the cattle industry raising/hauling Black Angus cattle out West. When I found out I was on the list, I was happy because I knew that I always did my best to turn in quality work and that the time I spent paid off.”

Overall, the graduating class of 2021 has worked through the annoyances of Covid-19, and these top ten especially have worked endlessly to succeed at their goals nonetheless.