Seniors receive survey for COVID-19 vaccination


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COVID-19 vaccination cards are automatically received once a vaccine is given to a patient.

Brooklyn Elsea, Staff Writer

Due to the recent survey studies of the COVID-19 vaccine, people of all ages are either required or offered to have it. Some places require the vaccine to be involved in games and such, yet it is still optional for now. St. Louis High School has given the senior students at the school surveys about their opinions on the COVID-19 vaccine.

A few seniors were asked their opinion on the survey itself. “I believe that the survey is setting up for a vaccination offered to St. Louis High School seniors and that more vaccinations for anyone are beneficial to the general population, by helping to spread herd immunity.” Senior Matthew Haag said, “I think the survey does have a valid cause, and that is to help people to get vaccines that are normally not available to them, and to help the people who are going out into more populated areas for college and similar situations soon get vaccinated.” 

Joe Erickson says he feels the survey is to benefit seniors who still need to be vaccinated.  “I felt there was a valid cause for the survey. Although there is a high chance most seniors will have already had their vaccinations or just don’t plan to get one.” 

The survey will most likely have a cause as to why they created this. The issue is how difficult it could be to keep school around during not just the first, but the second vaccination people are getting and getting COVID-19 from it.