Tom and Jerry is still popular after 75 years!


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Tom and Jerry are one of the most famous rivals on television.

Jaszmin Harbor, Staff Writer

The battle that has been on for 75 years keeps ongoing. The Tom and Jerry Movie was released recently Feb. 6.

A legendary rivalry reemerges when Kayla Forester, a street-smart young woman doing odd jobs while living by her wits, ends up bumping into Tom Cat, who dreams of becoming a pianist in Central Park, and Jerry. The movie takes place in New York City at the finest hotel on the eve of the wedding of the century. As tension builds up with Jerry wanting to live in the hotel, the desperate event planner hires Tom to get rid of him. The escalating cat-and-mouse battle soon threatens to destroy Kayla’s career, the wedding, and possibly the hotel itself.

Miranda Strong stated, “I absolutely love this movie. I was so happy that they kept the battle going between Tom and Jerry. The songs that were in the movie were amazing and the animations were really good. I never knew that Tom wanted to be a piano player, so that was really surprising. He is also a very good singer, or whoever voiced him did a very good job singing.

As of right now, the movie has earned a 25 percent of rotten tomatoes. The movie was produced by Warner Animation Group, and Turner Entertainment. The director of this film is Tim Story, who has been making movies for over two decades. Tim is not only a American film director but also a writer, and film producer.

Olivia Good stated, “This movie is not my favorite, but it still was pretty good. I would recommend others to watch the movie because overall it was pretty funny and entertaining.