What is the most favored lunch item at SLHS?


Jaszmin Harbor

SLHS student enjoys the school lunch fries on the menu.

Jaszmin Harbor, Staff Writer

Lunchtime! This is the time of the day that most students look forward to. The question is, what is the most popular meal at St. Louis High school?

Daniel Thelen stated, “I get school lunch every day, and I love the nachos and tacos. It’s just so good and I look forward to Tuesdays every week. I think that the High School’s nachos are way better than the middle schools.”

Most students choose to eat school lunches. According to the School Nutrition Association, “Nearly 100,000 schools/institutions serve school lunches to 29.6 million students each day, including 20.1 million free lunches, 7.7 million full price, and 4.9 billion lunches are served annually.”

Sarah Simmons stated, “The pizza is really good. I prefer the pepperoni pizza over the other though. I like how the food is pre-wrapped this year because it is more convenient for me and other students. Some don’t prefer pizza over other foods, but I think that their pizza is spot on. The crust is nice and the pizza itself is not greasy or messy.”

Additionally, a few students at SLHS have severe food allergies that limit them to eating certain things. Mckenzie Reid stated, “I am not supposed to eat dairy, so that limits me because most food that I enjoy has dairy. The school jello is amazing. I would recommend the highschool’s jello to everybody and take some home to snack on. It has the right ratio of sweetness, is perfect and I tell all of my friends to try it, but they never do. I usually eat school lunches and I always get the jello.”

Overall, a majority of the students at SLHS enjoy some of the food on the lunch menu and favor some of the food that the school provides for lunch. Many students believe that others should try it and see if they like it for themselves.