The enjoyable yet creepy Coraline

Promotion for Coraline.

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Promotion for Coraline.

Mikayla Haag, Staff Writer

Over the years there have been so many very good movies produced and put out for the world to watch. One of these movies is Coraline. This movie was published in 2009 and is an hour and 40 minutes long. Coraline is an animated movie that falls under the family/fantasy genre. 

Evelynn Gutierrez stated, “ I question the fact on whether Coraline was really able to close the door for good. Also, why was that house in the first place that had the second mom and second universe” The movie can almost be confusing or odd. Gutierrez also stated, “I remember the rat show when Coraline was in the other world and went to see the rat show. Also when the twin sisters at the end were scary and connected trying to attack Coraline, I mainly like that scene because I thought the animation was amazing.” The animations in Coraline honestly were very detailed and stuck out to a lot of people along with the small details that go with the movie. When Gutierrez was asked about who she would suggest the movie to, she stated, “I would suggest this movie to anyone that loves unique art animation styles or anyone that is interested in a little blizzard/creep movie without being horror” There are many different people who were actually kind of scared by Coraline due to the mother and the jump scares that occurred throughout the movie.

Kids can tend to be more creeped out than anything. Sandie Angulo Chen, a movie review writer, stated, “Parents need to know that Coraline will scare young kids. Slightly less creepy than the book on which it was based, the movie is still quite dark, and the “other” world that Coraline discovers turns into a frightening, dangerous place where she could very well die (and other ghost children already have).”