Twisters or Frosty Cone?


Alexandra Pawlitz

A student enjoys a banana split from Frosty Cone.

Alexandra Pawlitz, Editor

As of May 7, of last year, Spad’s Twisters in Alma, MI,was officially open to the public. Twisters is a popular ice cream shop with seven locations around the state of Michigan. Once the bank in Alma closed, the building remained to be vacant until Twisters decided to open up another location there. 

There are many varieties of ice cream available at Twisters. One of their most popular menu choices is their speciality items. These include the trash can sundae, grand slam sundae, goldmine, hot caramel apple delight, dirty Harry, super bowl sundae, brownie fantasy, mocha ice, fudgey peanut tower, banana split, regular parfait, strawberry shortcake, and the Reese’s cup sundae. 

Many St. Louis High School students have tried Twisters and instantly loved it!

Andrew Musselman added, “The trash can sundae was literally amazing and one of my favorites. It has all kinds of chocolate and even bits and pieces of cookie dough in it. Twisters has become one of my favorite ice cream places.”

Brooke Barrett mentioned, “I love Twisters and even though I’ve always been a Frosty Cone type of girl, I fell in love with the ice cream that Twisters provides. I would highly recommend the dirty Harry and the banana split as those are my favorites!”

Even though Twisters is very popular among SLHS students, the well loved Frosty Cone in St. Louis, MI, is still very well known. When middle school students of T.S.N. would have a nice, sunny day during the week, Gayle Janasik (GJ) would walk with her students down to Frosty Cone to enjoy a little treat during her class period. Since Frosty Cone is located in most SLHS student’s hometown, students often resort to taking the quick trip to Frosty Cone rather than driving further to go to Twisters in Alma. 

Frosty Cone has been offering some new flavors since last year. Previously, they released the monster cookie flavor and the puppy chow flavor. These two flavors were very popular last year and are still continuing to be popular this year as long as they have stock. 

Besides those new additions, Frosty Cone offers 24 soft serve ice cream flavors and many hand dipped flavors. These include the popular flavors such as play dough, birthday cake, superman, and Michigan pothole. 

Danielle Luft included, “I love Frosty Cone just as much as I love Twisters. I don’t think I can choose between the two. Twisters has a bunch of specialty items, but they don’t have soft serve ice cream flavors like Frosty Cone does though. That’s one of the benefits of Frosty Cone over Twisters, but I still can’t choose just one ice cream place.”

Delainee Zacharko added, “Frosty Cone’s flurries are amazing, and I’ve always been a fan of their slushies. I remember when I was younger, I would always walk down there with my brothers and my family after dinner to enjoy some ice cream for dessert.”