No. 1 Chinese Restaurant opens up in downtown St. Louis


Curtis Brashaw

No. 1 Chinese Restaurant opened up in St. Louis.

Curtis Brashaw, Staff Writer

No. 1 Chinese Restaurant offers Lo Mein. (Curtis Brashaw)
The restaurant offers a wide array of food items. (Curtis Brashaw)

A new restaurant opened up in downtown St. Louis Monday, March 8. The variety of food in downtown St. Louis is very limited, which is why so many students were excited to try it out. After the opening of the restaurant — called “No. 1 Chinese Restaurant” — there were takeout menus sent to every St. Louis residential address. This is a big step considering the last Chinese restaurant at the location was “always empty” and “lacked business,” according to Lillie Thayer. 

China King, the last Chinese restaurant at the location, shifted ownership multiple times and had been opened and closed several times. This is the first time in most students’ memory though where the name was changed. 

China King’s menu was fairly small compared to No. 1’s menu. The menu itself has over 150 options which can be overwhelming. Items range from Lo Mein noodles to sweet and sour chicken The Chefs can make a wide variety of Asian cuisine from places like China, Thailand, and India. Thayer said, “The menu is crazy in comparison to China King. I can’t even imagine trying all of this before my senior year.”

Some students are looking forward to trying the restaurant, while others already have. When the last restaurant closed, it left a hole in the food scene in St. Louis. Thayer said, “I used to go to China king all the time. The last and final closing of the restaurant was very sudden, It left a gap in the food scene in our downtown.” Lexie Thayer, another student who has recently tried the “Sweet and Sour Chicken” from the restaurant, said, “I think the food was good. You certainly get a lot for what they charge. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to divert from the normal ‘burger and fries’ in St. Louis.”