Robert Threloff is leaving an incredible legacy at SLHS


Tyson Head

Robert Threloff is still making a difference by teaching at St. Louis High School

Tyson Head, Staff Writer

In the field of teaching, nothing matters more than experience. There are very few who have more experience than Robert Threloff. Mr. Threloff has been teaching and coaching at Saint Louis High School for many years. He has left his mark on the St. Louis public schools’ district in many ways. 

One way Mr. Threloff has left his mark on SLHS is in the form of his mentee, Mr. Kuhn. Mr. Kuhn shared, “Bob Threloff has certainly been a mentor to me both as a teacher and a coach. I cherish every conversation I can have with him because his wisdom is priceless.” Mr. Threloff is definitely a man of wisdom who has left a mark on many people in many ways. Mr. Kuhn continued, “ I mean, I coach his old program and teach in his old room and owe it to him to run both as best as I can.”

Mr. Threloff is basically recognized as part of the staff at SLHS, as he is one of the most frequent substitute teachers in the district. By still being a teacher at SLHS, he continues to leave students with his knowledge. Threloff stated, “I’ve been a teacher for 51 years.  I was influenced to become a teacher by my teachers in high school. My favorite part of teaching is being able to interact with students in my daily life.”

Mr. Threloff has also been into wrestling his whole life, becoming a wrestling coach at SLHS himself, as well as a teacher. He previously taught History in the same room Mr. Kuhn has today, cementing their mentor-mentee relationship even more so. He even has a wrestling event dedicated to him, entitled; “The Tribute to Bob Treloff Invitational.”

As it goes, experience is one of the most important things in the field of teaching. Bob Treloff has probably the most experience anyone can think of. As a History teacher, substitute teacher, and wrestling coach, not many can compete with the reputation Threloff left on the school district, or even the field of teaching itself. Mr. Kuhn shared, “Threloff is now a great sub, but he was a tremendous teacher. He had a passion for the material that he covered, was consistent, organized, and kids appreciated that.”