Ginny and Georgia hits number one for the week on Netflix


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Promotion for Ginny and Georgia.

Maria Puga-Trevino, Staff Writer

The American Comedy-Drama, Ginny and Georgia reached number one for the week of Feb. 24, on Netflix. The 10-episode comedy-drama revolves around 15-year-old Virginia Miller (Ginny) and how she makes friends at her new high school in Massachusetts. Meanwhile, Georgia, Ginny’s mother, has her upbringing told and is compared and contrasted by how Ginny is living as a teenager. The confused and unenthused teenager undergoes the struggles of boys, comparing herself to her mother while trying to be the best for everyone else around her. 

The plot begins when Ginny, her young 30-year-old mom, and her nine-year-old brother Austin move to a quaint New England town after her step-dad passes away. However, with Ginny’s constant disapproval of her mother, will Ginny get uncomfortable in her new town– or maybe be a little too comfortable? Will Ginny and her family’s whole world come crashing down after moving to this cookie-cutter town? 

Personally, I enjoyed binge-watching this! The story-line unmasks how hurtful this world can be. In some ways, I can relate to the adolescence problems that are portrayed. While watching, I noticed that this show is relatable to people of all ages! However, this series is in fact Tv-14 rated so viewer’s discretion is advised.

Helena Garza, a sophomore who watched Ginny and Georgia, stated, “The show was definitely worth the watch! Personally, I would recommend this to a person who likes drama-filled shows, especially the ones drawn to teenagers. As I was watching, I noticed that the protagonist, Ginny was going through a tough time with her family and friends. I just really hope there will be another season soon! The first season left off with a nail-biting cliffhanger!”

Sexist Allegations against this production were directed when a back-handed comment was made toward singer/songwriter Taylor Swift. “What do you care? You go through men faster than Taylor Swift,” was the comment made in the show that shot an uproar of controversy. 

Swift tweeted with disapproval by saying, “Hey Ginny and Georgia, 2010 called and it wants its lazy, deeply sexist joke back.” She continues on about how the production shouldn’t degrade women like that, and they should be careful with what they say. “Happy Women’s history month, I guess,” Swift concluded.

It is quite evident that even with the backlash this series is getting, viewers at home still enjoyed it.