Bowling competes against Carrollton at Ithaca


Maria Puga-Trevino

Alex Hardy has been reliable for the bowling team this year.

Maria Puga-Trevino, Staff Writer

The boys’ and Girls’ bowling teams went head-to-head with Carrollton Saturday, Feb. at Pins Bowling Alley in Ithaca. 

Alex Hardy, a bowler on the boys’ Bowling team stated, “Our tournament was at 10 a.m. at Pins last Saturday and it was a pretty laid back game. At first, I thought my opponents were going to be intimidating. However, I was watching the game play out and It was clear which team was weaker. The scoring ended up being 29-1 which was pretty good. I think we did pretty well. We won at almost everything that we did. But if I hadn’t gotten tired halfway through, I felt as if I could have done better than I did. So Overall, I am really proud of how my whole team did but I think our best team player was Cody Hartman.” It seems that the St. Louis Boys’ bowling team was very satisfied with what happened on Saturday.

Danielle Thelen, a sophomore bowler on the girls’ bowling team stated, “Our tournament was at 10 a.m. at Pins alongside the boys’ last Saturday at the Pins Bowling Alley. I wasn’t really intimidated by my opponent because as the game went on my confidence grew stronger and I knew that I would be proud of my outcome. I don’t exactly remember our scoring but, if I remember correctly, we won almost all our games. I personally believe our whole team carried their own weight during all of the games. So, all of the girls deserve the gratitude of how well they did!”

It is quite evident that the St. Louis boys’ and girls’ teams dominated their opponents with great triumph! It is with high hopes that they continue to do well for the rest of their season!