Classic Potato Head toy goes gender-neutral


Curtis Brashaw

The Mrs. Potato Head toy, along with Mr. Potato Head, will soon undergo changes in branding.

Curtis Brashaw, Staff Writer

Hasbro, the founders of Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head, released that they were changing the company’s name to just “Potato Head” Feb. 26. Many people were instinctively upset because of their sentimental relationship with Mr. Potato Head from their childhood. Hasbro introduced Mr. Potato Head in 1949 and began producing them in 1952. They were originally made as limbs with pushpins to put into a real vegetable, but in order to comply with the U.S government safety regulations, they released a plastic piece. Years after the toy debuted, it appeared in the classic movie, Toy Story. This created a large amount of attention for the brand.

Shortly after releasing the statement that the brand was going gender-neutral, Hasbro clarified that only the brand name was going to be “Potato Head,” not the toy itself. This came after backlash from some adults who remember the toy as Mr. Potato Head.

Mr. Stedman, a teacher at St. Louis High School, said, “I really don’t think that changing the history behind a childrens’ toy will do anything. Of course, I want our trans students to feel like they belong here and that they matter. It has been one of my central messages to all students.  However,  I don’t think cancel-culture is the best way to deal with these issues. If people will learn to listen to one another, then they will find that there is much more that unites us as a human race than what divides us.”

Even though the classic Mr. Potato head has been around for as long as some can remember, it is still made today, which is what makes it such an icon in modern culture. According to Lillie Thayer, “The only reason people are upset about this is because of the nostalgia Mr. Potato Head and Mrs. Potato Head hold. I feel like a potato’s gender is really stupid to get upset about; it is literally a kid’s toy after all.”