Is Moneyball a home run?


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Brad Pitt (left) and Jonah Hill (right) star in this hit movie.

WilFred Howey, Staff Writer

I’ve been a fan of Jonah Hill for a while now, but I always turned down watching Moneyball because I am not a fan of sports films. However, I finally gave in and watched it and the film surprised me.

Moneyball is a film based on a true story that stars Brad Pitt, a general manager for the Oakland A’s, who realizes that with the help of Jonah Hill’s character, he can build a team, using math, with the low budget he is given, unlike the higher budgeted teams. With their teamwork, they are able to create a sort of “island of misfit toys” which is able to compete with the other high-budgeted teams..

For starters, I enjoyed the film as a whole; it kept me entertained and intrigued throughout the film. Pitt gave a great performance and portrayed his character well. Jonah Hill also did a great job being a quirky, secondary character who kept the film light, which broke up the tension just enough to not take you out of the film.

Jeremy Jahns, a YouTube entertainment reviewer stated, “I liked Jonah Hill and Brad Pitt working together. They are a good team; they are good actors; it worked.”

Adding to that, the film gets very tense. Even though the film gets tense, it still keeps the audience engaged and rooting for Pitt’s character. The film also does an amazing job of making its audience feel for ALL of its characters.

On the other hand, the film has an issue with assuming all of its audience members are baseball fans. I myself don’t completely understand baseball, but I know enough because of my history to understand the general ideas that they were thrown at the viewers. A person who doesn’t know anything about baseball would have a difficult time understanding everything they talk about in the film.

Jahns also said, “It’s a genuinely good movie. It is an underdog story, a true story, I like stuff like this.”

All in all, Pitt and Hill did a great job at portraying their characters and having chemistry on the screen. The film keeps the audience members intrigued as well as a bit humored by the dynamic between the two characters. The film is a great watch if you understand the basics of baseball but might be a harder watch if you don’t know anything about the sport. I recommend this film to anyone who loves baseball or sports films.