SLHS Seniors Sign Letters of Intent


Courtesy Photo

Shannan Mitchell signs her letter of intent for Cornerstone University.

Alexandra Pawlitz, Editor

When it comes to plans after high school, seniors Chloe O’Boyle and Shannan Mitchell are already on their way to success.

O’Boyle signed a National Letter of Intent Feb. 8, 2021, to run track and field for Cleary University in Howell, Michigan. She has been involved in the track and field program since she was in 7th grade and has been continuously improving over the years she’s competed. 

O’Boyle’s 100 meter dash PR consists of a time of 13.21 seconds and her overall PR time for the 200 meter dash is 27.49 seconds. She has consistently done everything in her power to improve her PR times and her diligence to improve her times has shown over the years she’s been involved in the track and field program. 

O’Boyle mentioned, “My feelings are mixed about this huge step. I’m scared and excited at the same time. I’m ready to run track at a collegiate level, but I am also scared because it’s a big jump from high school track. I am determined to push my way through and dominate. Some of my goals are to set school records, break my personal bests, and try my hardest in both school and on the track.”

As O’Boyle enters into a new level of track and field, she has her family supporting her along the way. Her sister Rachael has always been one of her biggest supports on and off the field. She greatly looks up to Rachael and hopes she will be there for her every step of the way as she approaches college in the fall. 

Another senior at SLHS has signed a letter of intent to participate in a sport at a collegiate level. Shannan Mitchell signed a National Letter of Intent Feb. 5, 2021, to bowl on the Girls’ Bowling team for Cornerstone University in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Mitchell has been involved in the bowling program since she was a freshman. 

Her bowling times have significantly increased over the years she’s been on the bowling team. Mitchell’s PR at a bowling meet is a 235, while her overall best is a 300. She has put continuous hard work and dedication into achieving the score of 300. 

In Mitchell’s junior year, she scored 300 at practice and felt all her hard work paid off. She had been working toward that goal since she was a freshman and knowing she achieved this over the span of 2 years, she felt more than accomplished. 

Mitchell included, “I’m really excited to start bowling with Cornerstone next year as well as going to school there. I plan on studying elementary education so I can become a teacher. The program there is one of the best in the state and I’m so excited to have the opportunity to go there for both bowling and my education.”

As Mitchell approaches college in the fall, she is overwhelmed with excitement to attend Cornerstone and be given the opportunity to bowl at a collegiate level. Along the side of her is her family supporting her along her journey. She is so thankful for her family and how they’ve always pushed her to achieve her goals in and out of school.