Clinton Kane’s “Chicken Tendies” surprises audiences


Brooklyn Elsea

Mckenzie Smith listens to “Chicken Tendies.”

Brooklyn Elsea, Staff Writer

Clinton Kane released his most recent song “Chicken Tendies”, Feb. 19, after releasing the sneak peek on Dec. 20, 2020. The song immediately hit the charts on Spotify once it was released on social media platforms. 

Many streamers have had their suspicions on what the song is about and if it was written for a specific person Kane had on his mind. Kane spoke up about this and what the song was initially about; according to him, “I grew up in church as a pastor’s kid in Australia.” He said his mother was incredibly religious and threw her beliefs onto her son, and forced him to read the bible every day for 15 years. “…But she always put God before me, and I felt neglected and felt like I was losing my mom to God..” He continues to explain exactly what the song is about. Kane talks about how he and his mother lost contact with one another, but he still loves her with all his heart, He just feels he lost her to God. “I wrote this song about accepting things and relationships I cannot change, but still hoping the best for them.”

Freshman Mckenzie Smith expressed, “I was kind of expecting it to be a weird song, but it wasn’t. I can’t relate to it as much as others but it was still a good song.”

Although the song was written for a specific person, Kane always inspires people to find their own ways in music. He wants them to find their own meaning and message in the song, while also helping people find their therapy and cool-down from music.