Students enjoy watching “Criminal Minds” on the streaming service Netflix


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Promotion for “Criminal Minds.”

Autumn Mann, Staff Writer

Netflix has to be one of the most teasing and torturous watching services out there. Netflix has a reputation for only having a couple of seasons on their app then leaving all the fans around the world, including Saint Louis High School, waiting and waiting for the upcoming seasons. 

One of the most popular shows on Netflix is “Criminal Minds”, but unfortunately, Netflix has only left the fans with a total of 12 seasons out of 15 seasons. This leaves fans very desperate for more. The first “Criminals Minds” episode aired in Sept. 2005, and the last episode sadly aired in Feb. 2019. Many people have fallen in love with the murderous and mysterious show. “Criminal Minds” is about a group of FBI profilers who hunt down serial killers or kidnappers. Each profiler has a storyline and plot of their own life, but this doesn’t take away from the rush of solving their cases.  However, behind every murder or kidnapper, they too have a reason for the way they are. This doesn’t make up for what they have done, but it makes the “Criminal Minds” more reasonable to watchers. The background and the crazy reasons, like abuse or neglect or sometimes even mental issues that the writers and producer show in “Criminal Minds”, make the show any other crime tv show. 

But why has Netflix neglected to put the other three seasons up? For an unknown reason, Netflix has yet to make a statement or even a hint at whether or not if they will put up the rest of the seasons. “Criminal Minds” is under a legacy contract, which means the show can be removed from Netflix once the contract is up. Hopefully, this contract won’t expire for a long time. 

SLHS junior Kaylyn Collins is a big fan of “Criminal Minds.” Collins states, “I enjoy watching Criminal Minds because it has so much suspense… I usually watch it while doing homework. (I get distracted sometimes.)” Collins finds it upsetting that Netflix has only 12 seasons. She had been through a total of 5 seasons in only a couple of days. She believes “Criminal Minds” is definitely binge-worthy and hopes that Netflix will one day put up the rest of the seasons. 

Sophomore Michael Hart just recently started watching “Criminal Minds” and is ready hooked. Hart stated, “The plot is so well thought out and always leaves me on my seat.” Hart feels kind of angry that Netflix has yet to upload the rest of the seasons because he doesn’t want to wait for it to be available.