Science Fair looks a little different this year

Mikayla Haag, Staff Writer

As everyone knows, due to COVID-19 many different things have had to change, and that includes some of the normal routine events. One of the things altered was the yearly science project presentation in the gymnasium. With this presentation, students set up their boards in the gym, and people from the community are allowed to walk around and look along with asking questions about the boards and experiments. 

Besides the presentation in the gym, the students also present in class to just their classmates and teacher. Students also go around to the three different science rooms and provide an evaluation of three different boards and provide feedback. Of course, project season came up soon and students were thinking about their possible ideas and such. In-class presentations were scheduled for Friday the Feb.19 and Monday, Feb. 22. Instead of doing both types of presentations, in the gym for the community and in-class, the students only did the in-class presentations because of COVID restrictions and not being allowed to have the community in the school.

Mackenzie Reed, a sophomore at SLHS stated, “I never really liked doing the walkthrough too much, but I did realize I would kind of miss being able to have people from out of the school see my board and give me feedback.” 

One of one the best parts of doing the experiments and boards is being able to see family or others and see the pride students take in their work. Although some students don’t necessarily like doing big projects and having too much pressure when it comes to school work, it definitely helps that students are able to choose their own topic. So instead of being forced to research something they don’t like, they can find something that they take an interest in.