JV boys’ basketball has a slow start to their 2021 season


Keegan Honig

Joshua Dew drives in for a layup in the Sharks’ matchup versus Valley Lutheran.

Curtis Brashaw, Staff Writer

After a very delayed start, the JV boys’ basketball season began just last week. So far the boys have played three games, against Whittemore Prescott, Ithaca, and Millington. They won a whopping 68 to 28 against Whittemore Prescott Feb. 13, but lost against both Ithaca and Millington by over 20 points Feb. 10 and Feb. 11. They also had another game Feb. 18 against Valley Lutheran at home, which they lost.

The JV team has been performing well over the entirety of their season, especially considering the Covid-19 restrictions. They would like to work to improve their skills. According to Joshua Dew, “So far we aren’t where we want to be as a team, but it is still early on in the season, and as long as we keep working hard and playing how we are in practice we will get to where we want to be.” Another player, Noah Buchanan, said, “We are getting better as a team … We started off really bad but every day we get better as a team.”

The home game Jan. 18 against Valley Lutheran incited some excitement for the JV boys. Most of them were hoping for the best and planned on performing their best, but none of them could’ve said they were confident about winning. For example, Dew said prior to the matchup, “I think we will perform the best we can to our ability for the game.” Buchanan had a few goals for the team for the game. He had said, “I hope we don’t miss our free throws; it has been a struggle for us.”

The JV basketball season hasn’t been very exciting yet, but most of the team can confirm the win against Whittemore Prescott was incredibly exciting. Buchanan said, “My favorite game was easily the Whittemore Prescott game. It was the game where I made the most points.” Most people in sports can agree that winning is certainly more exciting than losing. Dew is looking forward to a few things throughout the rest of the season, like “Thomas fulfilling his promise by dunking at the end of the season and probably just having fun with my teammates.”