The A-Team is still a classic almost 40 years after premiere

Tyson Head, Staff Writer

Forty-eight years ago, a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn’t commit. These men promptly escaped from a maximum-security stockade to the Los Angeles underground. Until 1987, still wanted by the government, they survived as soldiers of fortune. If you had a problem, if no one else could help and you could find them, maybe you could hire, The A-Team.

The all-time classic television series, The A-Team premiered Jan. 23, 1983, on NBC. The series ended with five seasons and 98 total episodes. The team consisted of the perfect lineup of John “Hannibal” Smith, Templeton “Faceman” Peck, Mad Howling Murdock, and Bosco “Bad Attitude” Baracus. These four serve as the main protagonists and respective leader, gunman, pilot, and muscle of the elite squad known as the A-Team. Bryce Francisco shared, “My favorite character is B.A. because he is funny and thinks Murdock is crazy.”

The sheer length of the television show speaks for itself. The A-Team, along with its intricate characters and entertaining scenarios, just worked. According to Eric Goldman of IGN, “The A-Team was the closest thing to a live-action G.I. Joe series we ever got.” Every small interaction between the main four, along with others, always served as an insight into who they are, and how they fit into their world. Hannibal was the wise and master of disguise leader. Faceman was the smug pretty boy; Murdock was the comical wildcard, and who could forget B.A. as the brash muscle.

Maybe the show was canceled for the better or maybe the low ratings were reason enough to stop the production mid-season five. Yet maybe there is still hope for the classic series.  For better or for worse, The A-Team shall live as one piece of the classic television superstars along with the likes of MacGyver.