Gender-proofing laws cause controversy

Trans people participating in sports have resulted in new laws and new controversy.

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Trans people participating in sports have resulted in new laws and new controversy.

Brooklyn Elsea, Staff Writer

As of 2017, many states in the United States have allowed transgender rights for bathrooms, sports, and locker rooms. Recently, House Bill 500 seeks to try and ban these transgender rights for transwomen in school sports. The main goal is to ban trans women from playing sports because modern technology allows for a faster transition; this caused an attempt to pass a law for blood tests and genitalia exams performed to join sports. This law is only for high schoolers who are all still minors.

Many people and government officials agree it is discriminating not only for transgenders and trans youth but for girls and women. The world slowly gets more and more unsafe for students, and it has come to a sickening conclusion that people feel the need to invade minor females’ privacy to prove their gender. 

A student, who wishes to remain anonymous, expressed her views on the subject: “It’s absolutely violating. This man wants to examine girls’ private parts to prove a gender.” She continues with, “they are called private parts for a reason. I hope this gets torn down quickly before it gets even worse.”

Idaho Gov. Brad Little has signed into law two controversial anti-transgender bills. The law drew attention from many angry parents and women, as it should. Michigan will most likely not have to deal with this issue due to our governor being a woman, who is most likely smart enough not to sign the law. The world is slowly narrowing down for women, all because they wanted to participate in sports as a female.