St. Louis’ Korah Honig travels for out-of-state competition in volleyball

This SLHS junior is finding opportunities to play outside of Michigan


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Korah Honig and her Five:1 teammates went 4-1 at their last tournament.

Keegan Honig, Editor

Let them play. 

This simple statement has been anything but simple lately, as it’s been making waves throughout the state of Michigan. High school athletics have faced postponement, cancellations, and constant disappointment, but some athletes have been able to find ways to compete out-of-state. One of these students from St. Louis High School is Korah Honig. 

Honig isn’t involved in a school-functioned winter sport. Instead, she is involved with the volleyball club Five:1 during the winter and spring. Though school sports have faced postponement, Honig’s club has been able to compete in states such as Indiana and Ohio. She stated, “I get to travel to different states to play, and whenever we’re not playing, we get to eat out, swim, or just hang out…And we can take our masks off when we play because of the different state regulations.”

Honig competed last with her team, in the 16-18 age division, at the Central Zone tournament located in Indianapolis, Indiana. Her team went 4-1 on the weekend. Their only loss came in the second match of the gold bracket championship, where they lost to the eventual gold champions, thereby eliminating them from the single-elimination tournament. In five matches played, Honig achieved 22 kills, 17 blocks, 10 digs, four aces, and two assists. In three tournaments (16 matches) so far this winter, Honig has completed 68 kills, 38 blocks, 37 digs, 14 aces, and five assists. She makes a difference for her team when she’s on the floor, and she loves the level of competition they face at these large tournaments.

In fact, the level of competition in tournaments and in practices is one of Honig’s favorite aspects of club ball. She shared, “My favorite part about club volleyball is how high level it is. Girls come from all around the state to practice, and it’s so helpful playing with all of them. All of the high-level teams practice together so that you can play with different players and get feedback from all of the coaches.”

With the current state of Michigan athletics right now, it’s no surprise that students are seeking other opportunities to compete. Honig has been able to play at three tournaments so far this season, and she’s very thankful that she’s gotten to compete. She shared, “Volleyball is absolutely my favorite thing to do, and I am so lucky to be able to play all year long.”

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