How long has it been since we had a full week of school?

Students haven't had a full week of school in a long time for various reasons.

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Students haven’t had a full week of school in a long time for various reasons.

Brooklyn Elsea, Staff Writer

Ever since the 2020-2021 school year started, St. Louis has had challenges left and right. One of the things students have now recently noticed is that they haven’t had a full day of school since October-November. 

Although virtual students have probably not noticed, in-person students and teachers have slowly come to the realization. Michigan has been attacked hard since it had its chance for winter, and with the virtual days added in, full weeks have turned into half weeks.

Sophomore Colton Markwell provided his insight on the topic: “I haven’t thought about it, but now that you mention it there has been a lot of interruptions to the school days recently.” He continued, “I think it’s reasonable because there have been a couple of days in the past couple of weeks that there has been a lot of snow, making it harder to travel to and from school. The school is wanting to keep us safe and protected.” His words are true as SLHS has in fact had more snow days this year, not to mention virtual days.

Art teacher Mr. Puffpaff was also asked about the no full weeks of school problem. He said, “In the winter months, we are always faced with the challenges of bad weather, which inevitably will lead to school closures. This time of year, as a teacher, you always have to be adaptable and at the ready for the impromptu school closure or change to the schedule.” He continued with, “I do believe that each day we have had off has been warranted. Safety is always a number one priority.”

In conclusion, it is reasonable why students have never had a full week of school. The time was taken away, but at least it eases the stress of five days every week for seven hours a day.