Students envision their future dream houses


Curtis Brashaw

A student researches houses to find a good match.

Curtis Brashaw, Staff Writer

Many people start taking interest in their future in high school; things like careers, love, college, and even a future dwelling. Most people’s homes account for up to one-third of their total life net worth, so you can see why it is such a big deal. With such variety in the housing market, there are a lot of options for people to pick from. According to, 33.9 percent of home buyers want a back porch or deck, and another 30.8 percent would like a renovated kitchen. 

Clearly, many people have desires for their home. Rowan Harris shared, “I would want a loft because it is cozy.”  Another freshman, Natalee Hoyt agreed and said that she wants a tiny house with a loft and rooftop deck. Hoyt continued by saying, “I really like the tiny house life and would love to live in one. With a 67 percent increase in 2017, tiny home sales are gaining popularity very fast. 

Many people also want their aesthetics to be incorporated into their homes. Lillie Thayer said she would like an indoor greenhouse and ballroom. This represents her “academia” aesthetic. Kylie Acker also said she would like a more modern home.  Acker shared, “I want a tiny window on my floor looking into an aquarium.” She continued by saying, “I also wouldn’t mind a slide for fun.” Acker isn’t the only one who said she wanted a slide, Lexie Thayer added, “I definitely want one [a slide] too!”

With new websites like Zillow and, house hunting is easier than ever. Many students spend their extra time on these websites as they find them entertaining. Lillie Thayer shared, “I think that and Zillow are both really useful for the real estate market, but it’s also very entertaining.”