Ronald Reagan: governor, actor, president


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Ronald Reagan had a background in acting before becoming President.

Tyson Head, Staff Writer

President Trump came from an interesting background as he was a different sort of president; Donald Trump was an extremely successful businessman. President Trump is not the only president who has come from outside the world of politics. The 40th President of The United States of America was Ronald Reagan, or, in a more formal matter, President Reagan.

Reagan was a rather successful actor in the 1950s and 60s. Not only that, but he brought his humorous side out in his take on politics. Mr. Kevin Kuhn, a history teacher at SLHS, stated, “Ronald Reagan was a president who most Americans seemed to like. The one thing he was criticized for was Reaganomics.” Reaganomics is the term used to describe President Reagan’s economic policies, such as large tax cuts and improved military budget.

Reagan was the star of a few notable pieces of film media, such as Hellcats of the Navy, or Law and Order. Both of which were not much more than mediocre, but larger roles in comparison to President Trump’s cameo in Home Alone Two: Lost in New York

Mr. Kevin Stedman, a teacher who was a young gentleman at the time of Reagan’s presidency,  stated, “ I think he was overall focused on the people; a strong leader. He followed his convictions, but was also able to listen to the other side as he was liked by republicans and democrats. And his approach to the soviet union, along with his friendship with their leader, led to the dismantling of the soviet bloc countries.”

What some may not know, is that President Reagan was the victim of an assassination attempt, making it out with a serious gunshot wound. When rushed to the hospital, minutes before undergoing a fairly critical surgery, the president said, “I hope you are all Republicans.”

It would seem the president’s humorous side could not help but show itself even in a brush with death. It is apparent that the infamous 40th president will live on through his legacy as one of the last great presidents or politicians in general. While not everyone can agree with the nature at which President Reagan ordered out his so-called, “Reaganomics,” not many can deny that he was a good president and an even greater man.